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European mouflon
European mouflon
European mouflon
European mouflon

Ovis orientalis musimon

The mouflon is a wild sheep and the ancestor for all modern domestic sheep. It originates from the Italian island of Sardinia and the French island of Corsica. The mouflon was almost extinct, but it could be re-naturalized in Europe in the 19th century. They have often been crossbred with domestic sheep. Therefore there are only a few real mouflon today.  These animals have reddish to greyish-brown fur depending on the season. Characteristic of these sheep is the saddle patch in the middle of the back and the curved horns. The mouflon lives in mountainous landscapes and they can mostly be found in forests.

Nutrition: The mouflon feeds on grasses and leaves, but it also likes herbs, moss and lichen.  Sometimes it even feeds on poisonous plants.

Withers height: 90 cm
Weight: 25-55 kg
Expectation of life: ~ 15 years
Gestation time: 21 weeks

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