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Wildpark Assling Sommerrodelbahn „Fun Alpin Osttirol“ Gasthaus Bärenwirt


Golden jackal
Golden jackal
Golden jackal
Golden jackal


The golden jackal’s area of distribution expands from South-Eastern Europe to Asia Minor and Africa. Its Latin name means ‘’golden dog’’ and refers to its golden fur. It is smaller than a wolf but bigger than our indigenous red fox.  Golden jackals live in family packs and confine their big territories with the help of urine, which should deter invaders. For its offspring golden jackals build small burrows underground. During breeding the pack moves regularly to avoid parasites in their burrows as well as predators who could spot their offspring. 

Nutrition: Golden jackals mainly feed on small mammals, amphibians, insects, fish or carrion. Sometimes they also feed fruit or berries.

Withers height: 35 - 50 cm
Weight: 8 – 10 kg
Expectation of life: ~ 14 years
Gestation time: 60 days


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